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Mindbloom Lands a Big Fish

Mindbloom, Inc. the Seattle-based social media company that utilises gamification — a blend of technology, art and behavioral psychology — to make self-directed personal achievement highly engaging and actionable have recently announced a collaboration with Aetna, one of the US’s … Continue reading

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Gamified Independent Learning

Audrey Watters takes a look at the effect of gamification on independent learning for the MindShift website in a recent post. Audrey writes about the social learning network OpenStudy, a recipient of one of the Gates Foundation’s recent Next Generation … Continue reading

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The Evolution of Gaming Platforms

Ned Madden has posted an article entitled “The Rising Wave of Gamification” on the TechNewsWorld website. The article is more to do with the evolution of games across various devices and platforms than a marketing definition of gamification, as Ned … Continue reading

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Games for Health, Wellness and Medical Emergencies

Gamespot have released some very interesting coverage of Kaiser Permanente’s recent Gamification day where the company highlighted a range of video games and simulations either currently being used or under development within the medical sphere. As well as games to … Continue reading

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SAP Innovating with Gamification

Mario Herger, a developer at SAP Labs has a very interesting blog on the SAP Community Network where he reveals some of the developments around gamification within SAP. In a recent post entitled How Gamification of the Enterprise can kill … Continue reading

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