Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gamification?

At Gametuned we define gamification as using elements of game mechanics to increase engagement. “Play The Game And You Will Win”

The most successful implementations provide structured paths, with constant feedback, to master complex systems and challenges .


How does Gamification work?

On a basic level Gamification works by solving feedback loops to encourage desirable behaviour that supports users’ or customers’ goals.

With the explosion of social networking there is now a global framework to support large scale and geographically diverse communities. Single player games can be rewarding and fun but multi player environments that enable people to socialise, measure their achievements against their peers, and compete with or support fellow members of their virtual community drive lasting engagement.


But I heard Gamification is just Badges and Leaderboards?

Badges and leaderboards are often used within gamification platforms as feedback mechanisms. However gamification is not just sticking meaningless badges on shoddy websites.

Like all things gamification can be done badly, companies who seek to just bolt on badges and leaderboards without creating a game space that makes sense and is relevant to users are doing gamification badly and are not just wasting time and money, but are also risking alienating their customers.

There are a number of platforms emerging that make gamification of websites plug and play. Gametuned work with many of these platform providers, however It is important to understand that the platforms give us some of the tools we use within a gamification strategy, we don’t just bolt on the tools and hope it all works out for the best!


Why is there so much buzz around Gamification at the moment?

Anyone born after the mid 1970’s has a thorough understanding of computer game thinking, the most successful internet games now have larger “audience” numbers than the biggest TV shows. This millennial generation (anyone aged under 35)  typically spend more time engaged in gaming related activities than on any other form of entertainment.

Embracing well constructed (and constantly iterated) use of gamification enables businesses, educators and governments to stay relevant and engaged.

At Gametuned we believe gamification is a powerful user engagement and loyalty tool relevant to organisations of all sizes.

And, as gamification typically works alongside social media networks it is immensely scalable. Society has some massive challenges to overcome and frankly, relying on people’s intrinsic desire to do good has not worked out all that well so far. Gamification can provide tools to meet these challenges.

Gartner, Inc. (NYSE: IT), the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company recently stated that “By 2015, more than 50 percent of organisations that manage innovation processes will gamify those processes”


Can Gamification work for my business?

The short answer is yes, most definitely.

All organisations are in some way providing goods or services that people need in their journeys through life.

If you think that you are the exception then consider whether your employees are also your most important customers?

The fact is gamification creates involvement, loyalty and ongoing engagement and it can provide the perfect environment for collaborative innovation. 98% of CEO’s from Fortune 500 companies say they need to restructure the way their organisations work, the status quo is no longer acceptable.