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Keas – Harnessing the Power of Play for Employee Well-being

We have looked at several applications of gamification used effectively in healthcare and well-being over the past few months so were interested to take a look at the (now public) beta of Keas. Keas was co-founded by Adam Bosworth ex … Continue reading

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MeYou Health Driving Engagement Through Social Media and Gaming

Chris Cartter of MeYou Health appeared live at this year’s Healthways “The Connected Consumer” Interactive Webcast from the MIT Agelab on May 18th. In his presentation (video below) Cartter discussed how to activate social networks and employ game mechanics to … Continue reading

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Mindbloom Lands a Big Fish

Mindbloom, Inc. the Seattle-based social media company that utilises gamification — a blend of technology, art and behavioral psychology — to make self-directed personal achievement highly engaging and actionable have recently announced a collaboration with Aetna, one of the US’s … Continue reading

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Games for Health, Wellness and Medical Emergencies

Gamespot have released some very interesting coverage of Kaiser Permanente’s recent Gamification day where the company highlighted a range of video games and simulations either currently being used or under development within the medical sphere. As well as games to … Continue reading

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Making games work for pharma

Andrew Tolve of eyeforpharma explores how ‘gamification’—the use of online games in healthcare—can boost adherence rates, improve marketing campaigns, and help train reps in an excellent post As the pharmaceutical industry searches for innovative marketing models and new ways to … Continue reading

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