Gametuned on The Gene Pool

I was this weeks guest on Martin Franklin’s Digital Culture Podcast “The Gene Pool” which can be accessed directly here or played in iTunes by clicking on the banner below.

It takes 10,000 hours of practice for musicians to approach virtuoso status. With a new generation who have grown up with gaming, their time spent with computer games gives them the equivalent skills as “master gamers”. Rising to the fast-moving needs of a new workforce of “digital natives” and driving engagement in the workplace – James Monjack of joins us to talk about the emerging field of “gamification” – the science of applying game mechanics to aid motivation and engagement.

In an information packed conversation, we talk through broadcast techniques that cater for the “dual screening” viewing experience, burning synaptic pathways, large companies setting up their own social networks for employees and taking radical new approaches to keep their workforce productive and engaged with the company brand.

This episode features music by Japanese musician, Saywhut! via SoundCloud.

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