New iPhone App Combines Gamification and Photography

A new iPhone app is set to change the way people play games on their phones, by sending ‘missions’ any time of night or day and rewarding players with prizes for completing them.

Appysnap, which is free to download from the iTunes Store, and out this Summer on Android, challenges players to take a photo within a set time limit of a particular item, place or theme.

If a player completes the mission quickly, they can win iPads, Kindles and Amazon vouchers, as well as ‘caps’ which can be exchanged for deals and offers. Players can also share their photos on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Appysnap has been created by UK-based iPhone app developers Never Odd or Even.

“We wanted to a fun, simple game that anyone could play, but also one that took the game to the player,” said Never Odd or Even’s creative director Paul Smith. “Instead of waiting for the person to open the app, Appysnap will send a message to the person whenever they have a new mission to play. “

“As soon as a new mission arrives, the clock is ticking and you only have so long to take a photo and complete the mission.

“You might be shopping or in the office when a new mission appears, and you might need the help of friends and colleagues to complete it. You can play wherever you are and win prizes simply for taking a photo.”

While Appysnap can be played around the world, missions can also be sent to players in specific towns or neighbourhoods. “We can send a mission only to people attending a gig in a specific venue, challenge them to take a photo of the band, and offer backstage access immediately after the gig as a prize,” said Smith.

Some missions will reward players with points; those with the most points at the end of every month will win prizes. Players can also win flash prizes by playing just one mission and taking a single photo; prizes range from vouchers for Amazon and Starbucks, to Kindles and the iPad 2.

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