Formative Labs Using Gamification To Make The World a Better Place

San Francisco based start-up Formative Labs were set up in 2010 to solve problems and change consumer behaviours with regard to energy conservation. Their new social sustainability program Double Impact is a gamified platform which enables brands to encourage greener living by contributing to user specified charities  as “rewards” for completing “green” and energy reducing challenges.

Users log in via Facebook, complete tasks such as quizzes, check-ins (automatically via Facebook check-ins) and daily challenges, and get rewarded with “Impact Points”. Partnered brands then convert these points into cash for user-specified charities.

The site uses a socially enabled leaderboard to enable friends to compare and compete on their energy saving and Impact Point generation.


According to Jessica Alter, the founder and CEO of Formative Labs

“The goal behind Double Impact is to make everyday actions worth your while today by tapping into your passion for a certain cause. We literally double the impact of your actions–they not only count towards your cause, but also towards saving the environment – all without having to open up your wallet. At the same time we’re allowing brands to finally get social credit for the charitable giving they do by connecting them with consumers’ and their friends.”



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