Evaluating The Social Networking Games – Twitter, Facebook & Linkedin

Jon Puleston, Vice President of GMI Interactive, a leading provider to the global online research industry has written a highly informative post on the game play mechanics behind Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin for The GreenBook Market Research Blog. In the post Jon scores the social network platforms against a list of game play criteria and concludes with recommendations on how they can improve their game mechanics.

I have been studying game theory deeply over the last few weeks in my quest to work out how to effectively gamify surveys and I have started to see game play mechanics embedded into all sort of activities.

Just for a bit of fun, well as an invented game in-fact if you look at it this way, I tried to identify and compare the game play mechanics embedded into Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to work out which was the best game.

These are some of the basic mechanics of successful games:

Strict rules
A reward mechanism that delivers both pleasure and emotional satisfaction
A well balanced success/failure ratio – An accomplishable challenge
A broad learning curve
A wider competitive element
A balance of luck v skill
Addiction factor – is it an absorbing activity in itself
Team play

How they score…

Read Jon’s full post here.

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