The Email Game

Xconomy‘s Wade Roush takes a look at The Email Game in an interesting article

But the Email Game is a different story. I’m really seeing the promise in this one, and it has already saved me a ton of time.

The idea behind the app is simple: it uses features borrowed from the video game world, including a countdown clock and a point system, to encourage you to plow through your Gmail inbox faster. For each e-mail, you might decide to respond to it, file it away, archive it, or delete it; the faster you make that decision, the more points you rack up. The goal is to get messages out of your inbox. So if you skip one—that is, if you just leave it in your inbox—points get taken away. After you’ve dispatched 30, 50, or 100 messages (you can set the number), the app stops and shows you your score.

The full article can be found here – well worth a read.

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